Welcome to St Francis Veterinary Hospital

We are a small animal Veterinary Hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. Our hospital was custom built to meet the needs of our patients and clients. We do our best to provide up-to-date care for your pets. Our high standards apply to every aspect of our healthcare team including experience and training of our professional staff and support personnel. We measure our success by healthy patients, satisfied clients and enthusiastic staff.

Pet owners generally look upon their pets as members of the family. The staff at St. Francis Vets feel the same way and this is one reason why we understand that your trust in us is a special relationship. We are a full-service small animal hospital with compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Our Healthcare team are committed to providing you with simple to understand yet comprehensive healthcare information. When you entrust your loved one to us, we will always provide a secure and safe environment and when in our care, your pet is treated like family.

Our Services


It is important to keep your pet’s vaccines up to date, no matter if a new kitten/puppy or if an adult/senior pet. All puppies and kittens should be vaccinated against life-threatening diseases from 6 weeks of age. Many infectious diseases still pose a significant threat to dogs and cats that are unvaccinated. Vaccines help pets live longer, healthier lives.


Dogs and cats can be spayed or neutered as early as 4.5 months old. For female pets, it involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus and is called a ‘spay’. Male pets have both testicles removed and is called a ‘neuter’. Both procedures require a full general anaesthetic. In sterilising your pet, you are helping reduce the pet population and preventing other concerns like cancer, infections or unwanted behavioural changes.

Dental Care

Because dental diseases can cause health problems with your pet’s heart, kidneys and other organs, having your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly is essential to good health. We offer a free dental check-up service to allow us to provide you with an accurate estimate. A dental procedure involves scaling your pet’s teeth under a full general anaesthetic and at time extractions.

Diagnostic Work Ups

All essential lab equipment is available in-house allowing for rapid and reliable evaluation of all clinical samples collected. Our in-house blood machine can perform numerous blood tests providing same-day answers to most diseases your pet may be suffering from.


What our clients say

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