We practice high-quality veterinary medicine and surgery. We are dedicated to educating you to be the best health care advocate for your pet. You are our first line of defence in detecting and preventing problems. We don’t want you to walk out the door until ALL of your questions have been answered. We strive to educate you in nutrition, your pet’s weight and preventative health care – to name but a few!

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What Makes Our Hospital Special?

Because your pet is precious to us, we try to use the safest anaesthetic techniques possible. This includes using the latest and safest drugs, using an i/v catheter when administering sedatives and general anaesthetics AND having a veterinary nurse monitor your pet during a procedure. We also have specialized equipment to monitor your pet while under general anaesthetic. This includes monitoring heart and breathing rates as well as blood oxygenation. We also recommend that all patients over 7 years of age (we consider them senior citizens) have blood tests done BEFORE sedation or a surgical procedure – this helps us pick up health problems such as kidney and liver disease, in fact we now recommend that ALL older pets have regular blood tests done to prevent small problems becoming life-threatening.