Carol Du Plessis

My family and I have been going to St Francis Veterinary clinic for over 25 years as a whole.

Dr Simon Rigby, Dr Marlene Norton and all their Veterinary Associates, Colleagues and Support staff are caring, compassionate, competent and professional in the way they conduct themselves with both me and my pets, bringing in their own personal touch for each pet and case.

The Reception area is spacious, clean and always nicely decorated.  The Receptionists, Head Receptionist, Practice Manager and Support staff are welcoming and friendly and knows me by name when entering the front door.  Scheduling regular visits are made easy and emergencies are always accommodated.

During a consultation, the Doctors and Kennel men always take the time to fuss over my animals and try to make them feel calm, whether it be on the floor or on the consultation table.  They have an understanding of each of my pets personalities and sometimes high maintenance requirements.

The doctors educate me and explain the diagnosis and treatment in detail, always giving consistent and exceptional care to my pets.  During cases of chronic illnesses, they on more than one occasion have followed up with phone calls inquiring about the wellbeing of my pets.  When I cannot take my pets to the vet they accommodate me without hesitation and do regular house calls.

When my animals have been in the hospital the Doctors and Support staff are very compassionate and always encourage me to visit my pets.  The Doctors takes the time to discuss any concerns I have and ensures all my questions are answered.

All details are documented on their computer system at all times, to ensure that they can trace back any related treatments or diagnosis.

On the sad occasions when I have lost my pets the Doctors and Support Staff have shown utmost sympathy and compassion for my loss, and I have always received sympathy cards from them.

It is very obvious that they love their jobs and love our animals.  Their excellent standing as a caregiver is appreciated.

We couldn’t be happier to be at a Veterinary Clinic that we trust so full heartedly.