Scotty Valadao

In addition to St Francis being my own personal vet for the past 7 years, I have had extensive exposure to many of their clients over the past 8 years, to assist with dogs exhibiting behaviour concerns. In all this time the only report back I received from clients is the highest of praise for the practice – the dedication and caring shown not just to the animals but to the owners as well – the highest standard of veterinary care –  and constant comments that ‘they would not change their vet for the world.’

Dealing with the practice from a professional point of view, every assistance required is more than willingly supplied and care and interest is shown towards their clients and the dogs I am working with.

This practice is called after the Patron Saint of Animals, St. Francis of Assisi and is well named, as the attributes of this Saint are shown and practised not just by the vets concerned, but by the vet nurses, the receptionists, the animal assistants etc, in fact, every member of the staff concerned.  I myself have only the highest regard for the practise and would not dream of taking my own animals anywhere else.